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45 Years of tradition in excellence with more to come!

The Amish Door begun as a small restaurant back in 1977 in an era where everything was still build to last and the quality of the products and life was geared to a high standard. Even in such an era the Amish Door stood out for its excellent service and it did not stay as the 48-seat restaurant that it was back then, but it grew and flurished to the size of a village that it is today, without veering away from the qualities and values of the time of its inception. Everything that you will find at the Amish Door is engraved with the same love, attention to detail and build for long-lasting quality that might not be the hallmark of the present, but they are values beloved by everyone regardless of era. Welcome to the Amish Door Village and we hope you enjoy your stay.


Enjoy your meal at the Amish Door Restaurant

Dine & Drink


Enjoy your meal at the Amish Door Restaurant



Enjoy your meal at the Amish Door Restaurant


Fall and Winter Events

There are a lot of community events booked at our premises.
Come and enjoy the local gatherings with us.

Our customers speak for themselves

And so does our track record. Our 45+ years of service preceeds Google Reviews for many decades, but even in the short span of the internet reviews' existence, we have amassed an impressive 2.907 reviews just on Google, the vast majority of them being 5 Stars. 

OMG this was an awesome experience! I got the "Taste of Amish Country" and it was delicious! The salad bar is huge, and is as equally amazing! My server was amazing as well! I would recommend to anyone to come and try them out!


Love Amish food like forever. I am a vegetarian and my husband a non-vegetarian and we both enjoyed our food, it's all about simple freshness and it's like coming back to warm food and comfort. Love it here.


Our food and service were amazing. It brings back so many wonderful memories of time spent with my grandparents!


This was our first time here, but not the last. Every single thing was so good and fresh. Customer service was top notch and the store was nicely maintained, inside and out.


The food at salad bar was really good and plenty of it. Also so very clean and well organized. Well worth the trip.


Weddings at the Amish Door

Create a unique experience for your most important moments
in our Amish Door wedding venue.


Directions to the Amish Door

From Colombus

An easy drive two hours north on 71, east on US 30 and continuing east on US 250. When you get to Wilmot, follow the signs in!

From Cleveland

Take 77 South until you pick up 21 South and OH 93 South. Follow US 62 West and watch for the signs to lead you the rest of the way.

From Akron/Canton

Follow 77 South to US 250 West until you get to Wilmot. It's that easy.

From Cambridge / 77 South

Hop on 77 North, then take US 250 West until you find Wilmot. An hour and change.

From Wheeling

Follow the signs to stay on US 250 West until you pick up 77 North. Exit at US 250 West and keep cruising to Wilmot.

From Pittsburg

Take US 22 West for about an hour, then continue west on US 250 and keep on as it merges with US 800 North. Take 77 North and head west on US 250.

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Just because the day is long and busy, that does not mean that you cannot have a taste of the Amish Door experience. We are all about providing comfort and convenience to the people around us, so if the time is pressing and you cannot visit our premises, there is a fully stocked online shop at your disposal.