Amish Door Market Weekly Specials

Amish Door Market Weekly Specials

For the Week Of June 17-22, 2024

EZ Carve ham 4.09lb
Pepperoni 5.99lb
Smoked bacon and black pepper cheese 3.69lb
Jalapeño Muenster cheese 3.99lb
White American Cheese 3.49lb


Every week we offer many of our most popular Amish Door Market Products at a special price.  From everyday savings on Packaged Foods to Deli Meats and Cheeses.

The Amish Door Market sells some of the finest meats and cheeses Ohio has to offer, including Troyer’s Trail Bologna and cheeses from Guggiesberg, Pearl Valley, and Alpine.  If you’re looking to build the ultimate sandwich or craft a refined charcuterie board, you don’t want to miss out on these and other local favorites!


Call us at 330-359-5700 to place your deli order and we will be happy to have it ready for you when you arrive!


Directions to the Amish Door

From Columbus

An easy drive two hours north on 71, east on US 30 and continuing east on US 250. When you get to Wilmot, follow the signs in!

From Cleveland

Take 77 South until you pick up 21 South and OH 93 South. Follow US 62 West and watch for the signs to lead you the rest of the way.

From Akron/Canton

Follow 77 South to US 250 West until you get to Wilmot. It's that easy.

From Cambridge / 77 South

Hop on 77 North, then take US 250 West until you find Wilmot. An hour and change.

From Wheeling

Follow the signs to stay on US 250 West until you pick up 77 North. Exit at US 250 West and keep cruising to Wilmot.

From Pittsburg

Take US 22 West for about an hour, then continue west on US 250 and keep on as it merges with US 800 North. Take 77 North and head west on US 250.

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