Amish Door Village Events

Oct 2023
05 October 2023


Ohio-born and raised, Terry Lee Goffee brings to life the music of Johnny Cash in his tribute to the iconic Country legend.  Terry Lee makes his tribute show different and…

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07 October 2023


Make the Amish Door Outdoor Marketplace a stopping point on your Saturday in Amish Country. Stroll along the Amish Countryside and visit vendors showcasing Handcrafted Goods & Local Flavors featuring…

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28 October 2023


Lucky you! You’ve been invited to the Dunn Speakeasy for the wedding of the year! In this “married to the mob” event, you’ll never know who to trust. With the…

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Rest At The Inn or Create Lifelong Memories With Your Family

Countless people have enjoyed the comfort and the unique experience of the Amish Door Inn and while every visitor and traveler will always be important to us, we are particularly proud of the amount of weddings and services and meetings that have been held at the Amish Door.

Truly it is a blessing for our establishment to serve as a place of joy, a place of reverence, a place of community and we hope that even more people will be a part of this shared experience. Life and our community go on and we are happy to be a significant part of the growth of our community.

There are a lot of community events booked at our premises.
Come and enjoy the local gatherings with us.

Weddings at the Amish Door

Create a unique experience for your most important moments
in our Amish Door wedding venue.


Directions to the Amish Door

From Columbus

An easy drive two hours north on 71, east on US 30 and continuing east on US 250. When you get to Wilmot, follow the signs in!

From Cleveland

Take 77 South until you pick up 21 South and OH 93 South. Follow US 62 West and watch for the signs to lead you the rest of the way.

From Akron/Canton

Follow 77 South to US 250 West until you get to Wilmot. It's that easy.

From Cambridge / 77 South

Hop on 77 North, then take US 250 West until you find Wilmot. An hour and change.

From Wheeling

Follow the signs to stay on US 250 West until you pick up 77 North. Exit at US 250 West and keep cruising to Wilmot.

From Pittsburg

Take US 22 West for about an hour, then continue west on US 250 and keep on as it merges with US 800 North. Take 77 North and head west on US 250.

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